Thursday, May 21, 2015

Brunch Styled

 I love to style on a budget! So today, I am going to share with you my birthday brunch outfit styled on a budget.

Dress: Can't remember the store but priced <$10 on sale!
Shoes: Coach original price-$150 SALE price $60

Foundation-Revlon color stay-$11
Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palette-$56
Anastasia Beverly Hills-Eye Brow Kit-$36
   -Cream Contour Kit-$40
Powder Contour Kit-$40

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Relax & Wax No Scream Cream Review

Ok girls, if any of you have went to get a Brazilian wax, you know it is no laughing matter. I am not saying the pain is excruciating, but there is some pain involved. Before going to my first waxing appointment, I was as scared as a little girl. Seriously, I was a wimp. I searched and searched the web for something that would numb me down there so I wouldn't feel any pain. With my endless search I came upon that pretty tube up there...Relax and Wax No Scream Cream. The name says it all right? I read reviews on it, and everyone said it was pretty good so I decided to give it a try myself. Let me tell you about it.

First, if you read the directions, it says do not rub it into your skin. Basically, put the cream on your hoo-ha and let it sit there for 45 minutes until is absorbs into your skin. You can put clothes on top of it and it does not feel greasy or anything of that sort. So I did that. It takes me about and hour with traffic (& there is normally traffic) to get to my wax appointment. So I did it a few minutes before I left my house.

It took me an hour to get there and when I did, I went into the bathroom to check if it absorbed in my skin. It did not. Since I was getting waxed, it had to be wiped off. One would think because it was on a lithe over an hour I would be nice and numb down there. Nope. Not at all. I felt every sensation. Did I scream? No. But I didn't scream my second time either and that was without the cream. 

In all, I felt like this is more of a mental thing. I feel the cream calmed me down enough to actually get to the salon and lay there. I really don't think this took any pain away. Would I buy it again, NOPE. Besides it being a cute little tube, I wouldn't recommend this product. 

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Lets go to Brazil

When I say Brazil, I mean down under to in a Brazilian wax. So I've read a lot of blogs and can't seem to find anything about anyone's experiences with Brazilian wax and what is so amazing about it. Well I found all those spa sites that want for you to spend your $100 getting waxed down there with them.

Anyway, I wanted to do a post about waxing your hoo-ha and the benefits!

Ok so before I start with why going to Brazil is so great, I want to ease some of your thoughts like "It probably hurts like hell" or "I don't want anyone that close and personal to me." Firstly, I am not going to lie and say it did not hurt my first time. Let me go back to that first time, I did a Sugar Wax (which I absolutely love). Sugaring is supposed to be less painful and better for your skin because it is natural. Actually my first time I tasted it..yup I'm serious and it was pretty sweet! (No pun intended). The pain is bearable. The first time I used this waxing numbing cream, which I will do a review on soon. If you think it is intolerable, trust me, I am a wimp when it comes to pain and I survived...and I have gone back. Sugaring does cost more, depending on where you go it may cost anywhere between $65-$80. I am lucky and found an amazing lady who only charges $45 for sugaring and because I go regularly, I get charged $40!

The second time it is less painful and the third time it is even less painful. The more you go, the less painful it is. Second, waxers have no problem being down there...that is what they do. They probably see a million different vaginas every single day. I am pretty sure nothing bothers them (unless the person has bad hygiene, but that would bother anyone) So there is no reason to feel uncomfortable. My first time I was uncomfortable, but that fades away.

And third, you have to wait for it to grow back before going to get another wax. That is really the only thing that drives me crazy...waiting. But I live.

Benefit numero uno-it lasts way longer!! Ok so for those that shave down there know, today you shave, by tomorrow you need to do it again. That was one of my pet peeves..having to shave almost everyday. Once they are done, you are as smooth as a babies butt! (Like seriously!)

Benefit numero dos-It doesn't grow back as thick! The more you wax, your hair starts to grow back thinner. Seriously I have noticed it and I have gone maybe four times already. The one thing I notice is that it does not feel as prickly as when you are shaving. Maybe the first few times you go it may not be as smooth because your hair grows in different cycles, but it does feel thinner.

Benefit numero tres-No razor bumps! Those are just unattractive. And honestly, when I am with a guy and we are having a good time, I don't want to think about those bumps that I may have because I shaved. Totally not cute!

So those are my benefits to waxing one's hoo-ha. I would not think about going back to shaving ever!

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

High End Make Up Favs!

High End Makup Favs
So some of this stuff may not be "HIGH END" but $50 for a small bottle of oil is insane! These happen to be my favorite non drugstore make up products! Now I am all for drugstore make up, but sometimes you find some amazing products that you happen to pay a little more for. Who wants to pay $40 for a makeup brush? But if that brush is amazing I will pay for it!

Let me start first with the Tarte tinted moisturizer/primer. I love this little product. You do not need much of it and it smooths the skin so much. It is worth the money. Along with the primer, I love their oil! That little purple bottle seems like it will last a week, but it truly lasts a long time. I normally do  not use it for my face, I drop a bit in my cream contour kit before applying to loosen it up a bit, but I have been told it makes your skin feel so soft and amazing if you use it at night everyday. Oh! and the Tarte sculpting brush? Let me tell you how much I love that brush. Wait, I can't tell you enough. It works great with the cream contours. Now I do have to use another brush for contouring though. I like to use the smaller end to apply the contour and the angled end to blend the contour. I do use another brush to apply and blend the highlight though. I feel the angled end is too thick when apply the contour.

Anastasia...Anastasia! I just love their products. Anastasia Beverly Hills is my ultimate favorite brand. So I happen to com across the brand when searching for an eyebrow kit. And I fell in love! Like serious love! The brow kit comes with stencils, applicator, wax and the eyebrow color..oh and highlighter for the brow bone as well! I use this all the time and do not have not one complaint about it. Along with the brow kit, the contour kits are to die for! I recently got into contouring and when I say it is as easy as can be...well as easy for a beginner as it can be, it truly is. I am more of a fan of cream, but I like to set my cream with the powder contour. I have read that the creams sometimes crack on people, but it has always stayed smooth for me and flawless. The only thing is that the cream contours can be a little stiff, but with a drop of maracuja oil, it becomes super easy to apply.

The IT Cosmetics brushes really aren't high end, but I normally wouldn't spend $60 on a brush set unless they are amazing. These brushes are great! I use them for everyday use. I never use them for highlighting and contouring though, but I do use them for basic power and foundation application. I also love their eyeshadow brushes that come in this set. They are great!

What are your fav non drugstore makeup!

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