Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Date Night Outfit Idea

Date Night

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Why celebrate Columbus Day?


I truly don't understand how we celebrate this man every year? It is great for all the sales and day off from work or school, but in reality it is a pointless holiday. This man stumbled upon this land we call america and murdered, raped, and enslabed the indigenous peoples who inhabited this land before us. In fact, he did not discover America. We celebrate this man who we can compare tonhitler for committing  such genocide. How come we don't celebrate other men and women who actually made a difference in this country instead of someone who commutes horrible crimes. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Perfect imperfections


It is so funny how almost all of us in this world think about changing one thing or another about ourselves! I catch myself doing that all the time. If I lost a few more pounds I would be prettier, if I had a bigger butt I would look better in jeans...ect. Especially being a woman there is always something you want to change about yourself. It is those little imperfections that we may see that someone else may not notice. 

Why is it that we think this way? Thinking about it, I must say it has a lot to do with our perceptions of beauty. The women we see on the magazines, on TV, in the music industry all portray this ideal of what should be beautiful. They seem to be these perfect individuals and we want that. But the truth is, they are not perfect. They probably have the same thoughts we do about being beautiful! 

I highly doubt any of these women we see wake up in the morning and tell themselves "damn I'm sexy" or "I am such a beautiful woman." If you know anyone who does that every morning  and truly feels that way introduce me! 

This idea of perfection is not ideal. No one is perfect and we need to embrace our imperfections. Whether it is having a little pudge in our belly, small breast or butt or things like being taller and a prettier smile, we need to be happy with what we have. Everyone is beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone has imperfections. Those imperfections do not define us. They are what make us human. To let this ideas make us feel less than beautiful is ridiculous. Everyone woman is perfectly imperfect! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Midterms are coming! Midterms are coming! I truly can't believe midterms are coming! Like seriously! I feel like the semester just started! I am only worried about two midterms. The other two not so much! So I have come up with some tips to help all you out there who are freaking out over midterms like me! 

Study in a quiet place!
So this is so important when studying! Going to the library and just sitting there does not count as studying..just saying! Find a quiet place, whether it is the library, your room, a residence hall lounge and go there to study. You do not want anything distracting you. 

Turn off all electronics! 
This is part of that distraction thing. Put your phone on silent and keep in away from you. If you have to block certain websites if you need to use a computer. It is better to not have any electronics around. Come on you know you will be temped to check your messages and go on Facebook or twitter. The less distractions the better it will be for you to focus on what you need to when studying. 

Don't cram!
Yes you read that right. Do not cram! Trust me, you will not retain any information. Instead of cramming, study beforehand. Lets say a week or so in advance. This way, you have enough time to retain the information and be able to understand it, not just memorize.

Take Breaks!
Yes please take breaks! You need time for your brain to relax. It goes along with cramming. If you try to remember all the information at once, odds are you are not going to remember anything! & We do not want that do we? So take breaks. Study for an hour, take a half hour break.

Eat a good breakfast! Okay I know you heard this one before! But it is true. Eat a good breakfast in the morning before your test and you will have enough energy to knock that bad boy out the park!  

Get a good night sleep before the exam! Yes, you heard this one before too, but studies prove that when you get a good night sleep, you will perform better. Why? Well your rested of course! No one wants to take and exam tired.
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