Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ikea Room Makeover [PLUM Edition]

Ikea Room Makeover

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My first car accident...What I Learned!

Who likes getting into a car accident? Yea I know the answer to that one!
So about two weeks ago I go into a car accident. Before you ask, I am physically okay...mentally on the other hand..well thats another story. Let me first explain the situation.

So I was stopped at a traffic light. The light was green and there was a car in front of me waiting to turn left. So I thought I would go around him. Well, I realized I could not fit so I did not pass him on the right (which is actually illegal). Behind me was a car honking his horn. When I say he was going crazy, his horn would not stop..seriously! So he then decided to go around me..bad idea. He could not fit and ended up hitting me! So of course I pull over and check out my damages. The top right side above my tire has a nice dent and I have a nice black line on the side of my car from the back to the front on the passenger side. Anyway, when I get out...the idiot yells at me! Like it was my fault!! First off, I wasn't even moving! How is that my fault? So after being yelled at by some guy, I call the police. They advise us to go outside of insurance so our deriving record isn't screwed up and the guy agrees to pay for my damages!

Lets skip to about 2 days later, he takes back he agreement to pay for my damages! So I have to go through insurance anyway.

What did I learn?
Don't listen to the police-Always get a police report
Don't listent to the idiot agreeing to pay for your damages because they will probably not do it.
Go through his insurance, so your record isn't affected (which is what I am doing)
Always try to have a witness.

& That's what I have far. I am still waiting to get my car inspected by the insurance to get it fixed!
Ugh what a headache is this!
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Monday, June 8, 2015

How to Color Code Your Bullet Journal -Guest Post

Hannah-Beth is a comm tech sophomore at the University of Texas at Arlington and has been blogging a little over three years. Her lifestyle blog The College Girl Daily, publishes six times a week about fashion, college, design and much more. She works at her college paper as a designer and hopes to make a career of designing and blogging after graduation.

planners, planner, erin condren, bullet journal, color code, college, bullet, journal, organization,     
     My most popular blog post ever is How to color code your planner (without losing your mind)that post alone has almost 25,000 pageviews. I've really evolved my color coding system since that post, so I decided it's time for a revamp. I've started using a new planner system called bullet journaling, which I wrote about here. Today I'm sharing how I color code my bullet journal system, let's do this.
planners, planner, erin condren, bullet journal, color code, college, bullet, journal, organization,
     So one of the basic tools of a bullet journal is the bullet key. Although this doesn't have much to do with color coding, it'll be useful as we look at other pages in my planner. Mine is very very simple. I've pinned tons of images with doodles, and squiggles and what not, but I've noticed I only use a variation of two symbols, a square and a circle. Square is something to do, and a circle is somewhere to be. I can't draw a checkmark, so I use Xs to note items/events as completed. If I move something I put a little right arrow. If something is irrelevant I just cross the whole line. Other than that I don't use the other bullets shown in my key above. 

planners, planner, erin condren, bullet journal, color code, college, bullet, journal, organization,

     Ok, next up is my color code, again I like to keep this pretty simple. I made this key at the beginning of the semester and it's pretty much boiled down to five colors: pink, blue, green, orange and yellow. You can see what each of those mean above, but I've combined the two blues into a personal category and gotten rid of the light green and pushed health/diet into the blue. Now let's get to some actual coloring.
planners, planner, erin condren, bullet journal, color code, college, bullet, journal, organization,
     Ok so this is an index for my planner, what I like about this system instead of traditional planners is I can use it to fit my needs. For example, as you can see on the left page of my index there's a lot of green, which signifies my newspaper job. Because there weren't assigned pages for my planner, I was able to take meeting and training notes right in my notebook. I'm almost done with my moleskine and I ended up with three index spreads. Indexing your bullet journal is useful because you can find specific notes quickly. As far as color coding I would update my index about once a week with the title of the page, the page number and a quick highlight of the color it was under. (bonus tip: give every page a title, even if it's grocery lists, if you can see there are some entries even titled Misc Lists. It doesn't matter what it's called, so long as you know what it is.)
Monthly and Daily Spread
planners, planner, erin condren, bullet journal, color code, college, bullet, journal, organization,
     So this is my monthly spread for last April, just like a traditional bullet journal I have the dates and days listed on the far left and a page for goals and to-dos on the right. I've also marked the weeks with a line between Saturday and Sunday. From there I've put birthdays (blue), exam times and due dates (orange) and newspaper trainings (green) all in my index. I separate events with two dashes. When I first started using the bullet journal I was putting way too much stuff into my monthly spread, and ended up running out of room. I use the monthly spread is for major assignments, birthdays and my work schedule. Keep the homework and dinner plans for your daily pages. Again just like the index I would add things to this page throughout the day then go back and color code them at the end of the night or over the weekend.
planners, planner, erin condren, bullet journal, color code, college, bullet, journal, organization,
     So here's the daily spread, where I spend most of my time in my planner. You can see how I use the bullet key for to-dos and events. I start each line with the date to the left and the day to the right. I generally write myself a to-do list each night and color code those items accordingly. I did have a few weeks where I didn't color code things at all and the world didn't end. 
     Color coding is suppose to help you be more organized, not get in the way of actually doing things.  I've gone through tons of planner systems and this is the one I see myself using for the rest of my education. Did I miss anything on how to color code your bullet journal? Let me know in the comments below.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Whisper Box Guest Post

Hi loves!
So today we have an amazing blogger guest posting on the blog today! I am not on vacation, but I wanted to have some other people share their ideas and posts with everyone! I am super excited to have her! I know you guys will enjoy her post too!!

Here we gooooo.....

I’m Dana, from The Whisper Box. I blog about pop culture and entertainment, and I sometimes dip my feet into the fashion world. How about we embrace our inner kid this summer with some playful rompers and jumpsuits? Here are a few picks for your summer wardrobe.

Summer Romper Lookbook.png

1. JCPenny, $47.99 (sale, $80.00 original). Perfect for an upscale dinner party.
2. OASAP, $24.00. Summer days in the office don’t have to be a drab. Rompers can be professional too!
3. TwinkleDeals, $16.28. Chill poolside in this romper on the days you just want to dip your feet in the water.
4. MayKool, $28.99. The cute little elephants in the pattern will romp around with you!
5. LOFT, $79.99. Jump right into this cargo for a fun yet serious look.
Summer Romper Lookbook p2.png

6. Forever 21, $29.90. For the tribal goddess.
7. Charlotte Russe, $24.99. Go for an innocent look with bell sleeves and floral print.
8. Forever 21, $24.90. Bring out your blush with a soft mauve romper.
9. Overstock, $46.99. Fourth of July florals, anyone?
10. Pink Queen, $15.39. You just can’t go wrong with a tube top, wide-legged jumpsuit.

Which romper/jumpsuit would you like to hop into this summer?

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