Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hair Extensions

Okay girls so what do you guys think about hair extensions? So many of my friends love to say I don't need extensions because I already have long hair! So what?!?! What if I want to add a little vavoom to my hair with some extensions?

Anyway, there is this site that sells extensions online and has amazing reviews! It is called UU Hair Extensions! From searching their website, they have all the top brands such as Remy! I know Remy is a good brand because my friends who are constantly getting a new weave always get Remy! Also all of their products are human hair without synthetic!  

They don't only have hair weave, but they have clip in hair extentions too!  I have spent so much money on hair extensions and they haven't been such a good quality as the ones on this website! When I had jet black hair my sophomore year of college and chopped off my hair, I went and got jet black clip in hair extensions like these. 

Oh and you can shop by celebrity if you want a wig! I am so looking at these for halloween next year! I really suggest you take a look at this site! 
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Sunday, March 8, 2015

PolkaDot Curtains

So recently I redid my room! When I say redid, I mean furniture, new sheets, new curtains. Everything! After I redid my room I came across this site Curtain Home Sale. Curtain home sale is a professional online household products exclusive store. You can find various exquisite curtains, comforters, pillows, sheets, and bath towels here. I love purple and from checking out their site I found curtains for every room! 

I think I may surprise my mom with some new curtains or maybe the polkadot curtains! Or maybe those plain purple ones below. Who doesn't love a great gift at a great price? I know I do and especially if they are super cute! Say What?!?!?  So while searching their site I found some really cute stuff that I thought about buying. I obviously can't buy it all, so below I put together some of my favs!  Check it out! The pink and green ones are great since spring is well on its way and those beige and brown ones I was thinking for the living room and I cannot go wrong with purple ones for my room! There is also a wide selection of blackout curtains! Which is your favorite?


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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bridesmaids Galore

Who says bridesmaid dresses need to be ugly?! I understand a girls wedding day is the day she wants to feel like a princess. She wants to be the most beautiful woman in the room. But who says you can't be the most beautiful woman in the room and have your bridesmaids look beautiful too. Not as good as the bride of course!

Not too long ago I did a review on a site called WeProm Dress. They don't only sell prom dresses, but they also sell bridesmaid dresses at amazing prices! I really wish I knew about this site before my best friend got all her bridesmaid dresses because if I did, I would have recommended this site to her! These dresses on this site are 20x more nice then the ones she had!  So while searching their site I found some beautiful dresses! I would actually put my bridesmaids in these dresses (if I was getting married of course!) These are three of my favorites! Perhaps because if I was getting married I would consider these three colors!

The color is just amazing. I love the simplicity. The heart shape at the top gives it such an elegant look. 

I also am in love with this color. Although I love the top of the purple one, this one is just as nice! I love the high waist that would look great on anyone! 

This is my fav color! The peach is just beautiful! The rhinestones give it an extra touch that I just love! 

Check out bridesmaid dresses for more amazing looks! 
So which is your favorite!?

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