Monday, February 9, 2015


Hello lovely readers!
So I am proud to announce my first Storenvy Store! Okay, so I have never used this site before and I was contemplating between etsy and storenvy. I decided to take the leap and go with storenvy!
So far, I love how easy it is to use!

Anyway, my store is called A MUGGA LOVE. Basically I sell custom hand painted mugs! I find them to be the cutest gifts and have made them for friends and family. My best friend actually purchased a few for her bridal shower. How cute right?

Anyway, I would love for you to check out my store, oh and the profits are donated towards cancer research!

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Ikea Room Makeover

I am more than excited to be giving my room a makeover! I have not changed my furniture for the past 12 years! That was when I was 10 years old! That is insane! So I decided it is time for a room makeover! I need to have a grownup room! I think is is about time! Like seriously! So I am giving away my old furniture (Which does not look old at all) to my niece and I will be purchasing new furniture within the next two weeks! This means I will be living out of bags and sleeping on a mattress on the floor or my couch for a few days but its all good!

Where am I going to get my new furniture! Ikea! I have everything picked out! I already have my curtains so I do not want to change that & I love the color of them.

Ikea room makeover

This is everything on my list to buy! I can't wait to go to Ikea and furnish my room! Im going to have a big girl room! What do you guys think?!?!
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cheap Textbooks? Why Yes!

So my first semester of Grad school is over and this second semester is already driving me crazy with the prices of textbooks!  Over the past few years during Undergrad I have spent a ton of money of textbooks..until I found this little corner of the web! Campus Book Rentals

Renting textbooks saves a lot of money. When renting textbooks, there is no risk of your book becoming devalued and you can easily rent them online. So many people rent their textbooks, to be specific, over 1 million students rent textbooks. With Campus Book Rentals, there is no fee for signing up as well! Did I just say NO FEE? for signing up? Yes I did!! Sign up is FREE.

Now what makes Campus Book Rentals AWESOME!? 
-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices! WHAT?? YES!!
-free shipping both ways! WHAT??? YESS AGAIN!
-can highlight in the textbooks! 
-flexible renting periods!
-donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented!


What I love the most about Campus Book Rentals is that they donate to OPERATION SMILE!

"Operation Smile is an international children's medical charity that heals children's smiles, forever changing their lives." With every textbook rented, a donation is made to this amazing charity that helps to make the lives of children who have cleft lip and cleft palate a chance to smile and not be embarrassed. 

So not only do you rent a book for class, but you also give back to a child in need. THAT IS AWESOME!! College students can get an education and make a difference in the lives of a children! 

WANT TO MAKE SOME EXTRA CASH OFF YOUR TEXTBOOKS?! I DO! You can rent your textbooks out! Yes YOU rent them out through Rent Back. I LOVE the idea of making money on textbooks that I have purchased in the past. I will be using this system this once this semester is over!!!

RentBack is new initiative that allows students to rent the textbooks they own - to other students... which is awesome because it makes them 2-4x more money compared to what they'd make through buyback options! (selling their books back at the end of the semester) Isn't that awesome?! I think it is! Make money as a college student!! That extra cash can help you out! Trust me! 

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow Day

SNow Day

SNow Day by x-tinax3 featuring set of 4 mugs

It's snowing! Well in NY it is! We are supposed to get a major storm! We haven't had a big storm all winter and honestly if I can have a day off from work then I am so down! Well it won't be a complete day off from work because I will have to babysit, but it will be a relaxing day at least! With the storm hitting, no one wants to be outside, so the best thing to do is stay in side and snuggle up! Put some PJ's on, grab some hot cocoa and put on a movie! I think that is the best way to spend a snow day! 

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